Dref Wen

Dref Wen is Wales’ leading Welsh children’s books publisher producing a broad range of Welsh and dual-language titles that have delighted Welsh children for over 35 years. Our emphasis is on producing excellent adaptations and original titles for all ages. We also produce Welsh editions of famous characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder.

Recently, as well as publishing Welsh children’s books, Dref Wen have moved in to the field of adult publishing and is rapidly developing a reputation for producing revealing autobiographies by some of Wales’ best known personalities such as Huw Ceredig and Heather Jones.

We also produce material to support the National Curriculum in Wales including our acclaimed series Welsh History Stories and Practising Belief.

Specialists in Welsh Children's Books

Getting To Know The Site

This site is designed to guide parents towards making the right choice of book for their children and help teachers find the resources they want for the classroom.

We have categorised titles so that you can search according to your requirements. For example if you want to find a book suitable for three to five year olds click on the link “Age 3 – 5”. If you are looking for dual-language board books click on the appropriate link etc. Some books may appear in several categories e.g. Bilingual books may appear under the Learner catogory too.

Choosing The Right Book

You know your children better than anyone else – what brings out the best response from them and what they are likely to enjoy. If you know what you want but can’t find a specific title feel free to email post@drefwen.com and we’ll do our best to find the right Welsh children’s books for you.