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Bedd Y Dyn Gwyn


Bedd Y Dyn Gwyn

An adventure story set in Africa at the close of the nineteenth century. A novel suitable for secondary school pupils and adult Welsh learners.

ISBN: 9780946962884 (094696288X)

Crwydro’r Môr Mawr


Nofel fer gyffrous yn adrodd hanes y swyddog morwrol Robert Vaughan yn 1808 yn cyfarfod môr-ladron, yn wynebu terfysg ar fwrdd ei long ac yn cael ei ddal yng nghanol gwrthryfel am annibyniaeth wrth iddo gludo Sbaenes ifanc hardd ar draws yr Iwerydd i gyfarfod â’i dyweddi, gyda geirfa ddefnyddiol i ddysgwyr ar bob tudalen.

An exciting short novel accounting the story of the ship officer Robert Vaughan in 1808 who meets pirates, faces mutiny on board his ship and is caught in a national freedom uprising as he carries a beautiful young spanish woman across the Atlantic to meet her Venezuelan fiance, with a useful glossary for Welsh learners on each page.

ISBN: 9781855966567 (1855966565)

From Start to Finish: Teachers’ Guide with Photocopiable Sheets


From Start to Finish: Teachers’ Guide with Photocopiable Sheets

A useful teachers’ guide accompanying the colourful series of 5 volumes My Life as a … introducing the religions of the Christian, the Hindu, the Jew, the Muslim and the Sikh to Key Stage 2 pupils, comprising background notes on radio and television programmes, suggestions for work plans and further activities, together with photocopiable material.

ISBN: 9781855962873 (185596287X)

Glas y Sierra: Taith trwy ddwyrain Sbaen


[“Sierra Blue: A Journey through eastern Spain”] “It was a bad omen … I should have realised that a jinx had settled on my shoulder, like a malicious little yellow bird, ready to scatter a host of minor misfortunes over our holiday …”

As indeed happens. The author’s battered Volvo Estate breaks down twice and collides with Arabs on the autopista … His wife’s handbag is stolen in Paris …There is torrential rain in Medinaceli and impenetrable fog at Loarre Castle … And his hearing aid drowns in a washing machine …
But Roger and Anne Boore have better luck elsewhere on their journey through eastern Spain and beyond … children’s games in Denia and Almazán … the gripping story of the siege of Numantia … the star-crossed Lovers of Teruel … bright white fields at Imón … ancient towns of Albarracín and Calatañazor … Piedra Monastery, “the most beautiful place in the world” … Not to mention the subtle charm of Poissy Police Station …

ISBN: 9781855968950

Llyfr Ryseitiau, Y – Dinas y Dreigiau


Llyfr Ryseitiau, Y – Dinas y Dreigiau

A sequel to Y Llyfr Ryseitiau: Gwaed y Tylwyth. where we follow Gwiddan, Olwen and Rhodri as they are drawn into another unbelievable adventure where the forces of good and evil continue to do battle.

ISBN: 9781855969193

Marchogion Crwydrol: Taith trwy berfeddwlad Sbaen


[“Wandering Knights: A Journey through central Spain”] Midsummer; and – somewhat thoughtlessly perhaps – the author, his wife and their battered old red Volvo set out on a journey through La Mancha and Extremadura, the torrid heartlands of Spain.
From the windfarms of Don Quijote’s La Mancha, they proceed to Almagro, home of the Calatrava Knights, and La Vera, where the all-powerful emperor Charles V spent his gout-ridden final months in the monastery of Yuste … Then to the hills of Las Hurdes, “the land without bread” … and to Mérida, once capital of Roman Spain, now a treasury of graceful ruins … Finally, to the famous shrine of Guadalupe, and an unexpected meeting with a miraculous image of the Virgin.
But heat is the enemy. Among these lovely and historic places, shade is the ideal, an icy granizado the sought-for refuge …

ISBN: 9781855968578

Taith i Awstralia


[“A Journey to Australia”] In about 1900 Captain Fred Boore migrated from Australia to Cardiff – not so strange, perhaps, in the heyday of coal. A century later his grandson Roger, with his wife Anne, set out on the trail of the old mariner …

 This book recounts their adventures – entertaining, intriguing and calamitous – on the other side of the world: a shifting panorama of didgeridoos and chargrilled bugs, gold towns and rain forests, boomerangs and Chinatowns, koalas, crocodiles, cricket and Aborigines, with a host of friendly, witty Australians, the most cheerful race under the sun …

We visit Melbourne (and its hospital, alas!), Sydney with its ferries and penguins, the Queensland reefs, the Charters Towers gold battery, Ballarat, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Torres Strait …

We hear too of notable Welsh Australians, from the Prime Minister William Morris Hughes to the unlucky Owen Owens, who blew himself to eternity with a cask of rum. And then there are the eisteddfodau! …

ISBN: 9781855968165

Taith trwy Dde Sbaen


[“A Journey through southern Spain”] “… We picked up another motorway at Puerto Lumbreras, and were soon in Andalucía. About the same time we entered the ancient kingdom of Granada …”

Roger Boore’s travel books are unique in Welsh for their crisp contrasts of past and present, of colourful contemporary descriptions and stories old and new.

In this adventure the author and his wife wander through some of the most beautiful, old and fascinating places of Andalucía, includng Córdoba, Seville, al-Zahra and the magical Alhambra. We hear too of forgotten Moorish sultans, the Civil War of 1936-9, the murder of Lorca and the wonderful patience of Manuel Cortés, who hid for 30 years to escape the vengeance of Franco …

But in the meantime, at Wembley, Cardiff City are challenging for the FA Cup! …

ISBN: 9781855969520

Y Blaned Ddur


Nofel fer mewn Cymraeg syml, yn adrodd helyntion dau filwr sy’n ca el eu cipio i blaned estron. Mae’r stori hon yn addas ar gyfer dysgwyr hefyd.

A short novel, about two soldiers who are captured and transported to an alien planet. Suitable also for Welsh learners.

ISBN: 9781855961876 (1855961873)

Yr Asiant Cudd


Nofel i bobl ifanc am fachgen llawn dychymyg sy’n cael lle i amau mai dihirod yw ei ewythr a’i ffrindiau yn Llundain. Darluniau du-a -gwyn.

A novel for teenagers about an imaginative boy who suspects that his uncle and his friends in London are gangsters. Black-and-white illustrations.

ISBN: 9781855963009 (1855963000)